Case Study

Larry Dotson

Senior Engineer, Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District

The products and services supplied by HotSpot AG are timely and relevant solutions to acquiring remote data for productive improvements in operations and maintaining records. The costs for installations and web services are reasonable. Overall, the implementation of their technologies has benefited the efficient delivery of water throughout the District.


  • Acquisition of remote diversions at irrigation ditch measurement stations was attained through multi-daily site visits by operational personnel with the collection of real-time data limited to such visits.
  • Over 40 diversions constrained the effective operations of water deliveries.
  • The lack of continuous real-time data could lead to a hinderance in overall efficiency.

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About Kaweah Delta

For more than 90 years, the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District has been working to fulfill its mission by conserving and storing waters of the Kaweah River, maintaining channels for flood control, and by conserving and protecting the underground waters of the Kaweah River Basin. Through its efforts, and the efforts of other coordinating local agencies, Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District helps ensure reliable and adequate water supplies for the Kaweah River Basin now and into the future.