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HotSpot AG is a farm management tool. Our first tool was developed to simplify irrigation and help growers comply with ever-changing regulations. Created by a fourth generation farm family, HotSpot AG is engineered to solve the problems farmers face in real time.

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No more clipboards or spreadsheets. Data is collected through sensors and meters at field equipment. Critical field and equipment information can be viewed real-time and tracked via a web interface on computer or mobile device.



Enable your equipment to operate remotely via a computer, phone or tablet. Real-time feedback demonstrates equipment is operating within proper thresholds.



With the ability to collect data and control equipment simultaneously, irrigation schedules can be generated based on farmer preferences and executed automatically.

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  • Your farm’s resources at the touch of a button
  • Multi-tiered subscription model to fit your specific needs and budget
  • Maximize profits by reducing labor and other costs
  • Presents only the most relevant data you need to know about your farm
  • Be prepared to face the future of farming, with a tool that delivers

about us

As farmers, we know it is the result of thousands of tasks we do throughout the year that makes a successful harvest. At Hotspot Ag, our vision is to empower the 21st century farm with tools to simplify farm management and make those thousands of tasks routine. We combine the greatest in available technology and service to deliver solutions that are used by all levels of personnel on a farm.

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