Case Study

Blake Mauritsen

Partner, ANB Ranches

About Blake

Blake Mauritsen is a sixth generation farmer and Partner at ANB Ranches. With properties in both Tulare and Sonoma, Blake has diverse knowledge with almonds, olives, citrus and wine grapes. Blake ultimately knows the future resides in technology and the sooner one buys into it, the sooner it becomes part of everyday work for the industry.

Primary Goal


Problems and Challenges

  • Increase in necessary overtime labor hours
  • Minimum wage increases
  • Overhead costs increases = less profits
  • Lack of remote monitoring / tasks can be time consuming

Without HotSpot AG

Lack of efficiency takes up many hours of labor and costs.

Labor efficiency is limited due to the many tasks required by one person

Time is taken to investigate each individual problem or variance

Labor and energy efficiency data is not backed by real time data.


Time Saver

Remote Management

Instant Feedback


With HotSpot AG

“Where we used to be able to accomplish in a 10 hour day and now can do it in 2 hours.”

“Hotspot gives me the ability to manage more with just one person.”

“I am able to instantly find issues if there are pressure (PSI) anomalies at the pump, filter and valves.”

“I can now easily run my irrigation outside peak usage hours which lowers my energy costs.”

With the scheduler, our irrigators, electricity and water usage is much more efficient. Being able to monitor our total system remotely, gives me and our employees more time to focus on other ranch needs. I feel more comfortable now that our fields are receiving the water they need. We are able to keep closer eyes on our wells, reservoirs, surface water, in field weather, in field moisture content, wind machines and a big bonus has been helping with our water accounting through remotely monitoring our water meters.