Vine Solutions

We really like the HotSpot team because, when we started the conversation, we were talking to farmers. They're someone who comes to the table who understands strengths and challenges and things that growers actually have to worry about. The HotSpot people have a lot of credibility because they are farmers.

Dan Edmonds – Owner of Snell Valley Vineyards


What makes HotSpot AG the best choice for vineyards?

Managing water in grapevines is a challenge – with small sets, numerous varieties within the same block, and irrigation pressures that need to be slightly higher or lower depending on the topography, it is a challenge to irrigate even without new SGMA regulations. 

The HotSpot AG solution allows growers to easily irrigate based upon the pump capacities, automatically adjust VFD settings to match irrigation pressure demands, and provide the reporting needed to stay within compliance. The HotSpot AG solution allows viticulturalists, ranch managers, and irrigators to see how irrigation systems are functioning in real time and make decisions on how to best irrigate their grapevines.

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