Nut Tree Solutions

I don't need to have irrigators out here at night. I can sleep good knowing that if something goes wrong, the system will shut off or I'll get an alert.
I'll go on vacation and I'll still take my laptop with me. I've been watching football games on Sundays and I'm scheduling while I watch the games. And yea, I've been out of the country and I've been scheduling before.

Fabian Lemus – Orchards Managers at Nichols Farms


What makes HotSpot AG the best choice for nut crops?

Growing nuts is a challenge with current market prices, escalating costs, and ensuing regulation. This we know, as the company evolved from a 4th generation nut growing family. HotSpot AG was built as a tool for precision irrigation, and a means to reduce the cost of growing nuts. Embedded within the features are tools to avoid Time of Use, which can save tens of thousands of dollars per pump within an irrigation season, and Automated Reservoir Fill, which leads to saving labor costs. The built-in water accounting tools help growers know exactly where they stand within the water year, preventing costly GSA fees.

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